Business Architecture Guild資格の取得のためには独学で勉強した上で自分で受験するという方法があります

Business Architecture Guild資格の取得のためには独学で勉強した上で自分で受験するという方法があります。
独学でPassexamのみ3日でBusiness Architecture Guild CBA認定BAGUILD-CBA-LVL1-100合格可能だと思います。
弊社のBAGUILD-CBA-LVL1-100(Certified Business Architect (CBA)? Level 1 Exam)試験材料を使用すれば、簡単に試験に合格できることを保証します。


ソフト版:真実のBusiness Architecture Guild CBA認定BAGUILD-CBA-LVL1-100試験環境と同じです。受験者のために、試験環境を適応することができます。


3、もし、BAGUILD-CBA-LVL1-100(Certified Business Architect (CBA)? Level 1 Exam)試験に変更した場合、すぐにお客様と連絡します。試験の変更は心配しません。

4、返金保証制度:もし、弊社のBusiness Architecture Guild CBA認定BAGUILD-CBA-LVL1-100学習材料を使用してから、不合格の場合、弊社で購入したお金を返金します。


6、弊社のBusiness Architecture Guild CBA認定BAGUILD-CBA-LVL1-100試験資料を購入したお客様は一年のうちに無料更新のサービスをして、更新された状態を確保できます。



1.What is a core competency for a business architecture practitioner?
A. Collaboration
B. Process modeling
C. Strategy development
D. Software tool installation
Answer: A

2.What is an attribute of capabilities?
A. They map to other views of the business
B. They are capabilities if they are automated
C. They are comprised of business processes
D. They encapsulate people, processes and tools
Answer: A

3.What constrains an organization map?
A. The boundaries of the legal entity focal point
B. The executives sponsoring the mapping effort
C. The business unit running the mapping project
D. The boundaries of the business that is being mapped
Answer: D

4.When designing an automation solution, what is an effective business architecture perspective for
providing input to SOA services orchestration and reusability?
A. Business unit to capability mapping
B. Business process to capability mapping
C. Value stream stage to capability mapping
D. Information concept to capability mapping
Answer: C

5.What is a benefit of organization mapping?
A. It defines the foundation for the business vocabulary
B. It establishes a basis for business / IT transformation
C. It provides a foundation for defining customer and partner value delivery
D. It creates a basis for collaborating on investment opportunities that cross business units
Answer: D